Undressed: The story of how I was raped

  • iris

    As I walked in the dark searching for my way out of the compound I could not find the main entrance as I could barely remember how I came into the compound in the first place. I kept praying to God to show me the way out and finally, I saw a ray of light that beamed from the sky. Tracing the light, I saw the gate of the house. Running out with the hope that I would see anyone I could ask where I was, unfortunately there was no one but bush. I kept running as fast as my strength could take me, suddenly, I saw a building which had a gate and it seemed like no one was living in it. In desperation, I started knocking and an elderly man came out and asked what I wanted. With the thought of what I had been through on my mind, I started crying and I asked, if the express road was close by? His replied was "look young lady, the express road still dey very far and bad people wey dey rape or kidnap people full this area". I was helpless and in my thought, do I risk it and keep going forward or begged the old man to allow me wait at the security post until the day gets bright? I guess he knew my thoughts and he asked me to come in and wait. Somehow, I felt the old man knew something terrible had happened to me. 


    He just kept asking me where I was coming from but I could not speak. I was in shock wondering how I allowed this to happen to me. That day was a long night as I wait for day light to get home and report to the police.

    Finally, at 5:30am, another security guard came into the compound to relieve the old man. The old papa took me on his bike and dropped me at the express and he waited for me to get on a bike. Getting home I realised my house key was missing, it probably fell off my pocket as I was fighting with him. I broke the door to gain access into my place. Sitting down on the floor of my bathroom with my clothes on, I opened the shower and as the water touched my head to my skin, I felt pain from the bruises I got from the fight. In anger, I stood up and tore what was left of my clothes.

    Consumed in anger, I started washing so hard thinking I could wash his smell out of my body but the more I washed, the more I could perceive it. A bit satisfied, I came out of the bathroom shivering and crying uncontrollably on my bed. He was my close friend whom I respected so much. How could he do this to me? I tried my best to remember how I got to his house but I could not. I could only remember in bits when he bought the second don Simon, I really did not want to drink because knowing how very light headed I am when it comes to alcohol but he convinced me saying, do not worry, I'm with you, I will not let you get drunk. We both laughed over it.

    The club became intense as the volume of the music increased and almost everyone in the club was dancing. Overwhelmed by the beautiful scene, I started dancing and drinking.  The alcohol got to me and I could barely stand up straight without missing my steps and that was when I ask him to take me home. I think it was 12:30am not so sure. He assisted me into his car and I fell asleep. I remember him putting me down on a mattress and in my tipsy weak state, I said Ryan, this is not my house and his response was yeah the road was blocked so I could not drive to your place and also, it was too late that tomorrow morning, he will drop me off. I nodded in agreement because I was too weak to argue with him.


    As I was still in my thoughts, I heard my phone ringing, it was my boyfriend calling.  He had called me several times last night and was wondering why I did not pick. I could not say a word and I ended the call. How do I tell him what had happened to me.  Wiping my tears, I stood up, dressed and went to the hospital to do the required test.The doctor gave me some medications and ask me to come back in six months time.


    From the hospital, I went straight to police to file a report. Entering the office, there was at least ten people waiting to file their cases. Sitting down patiently waiting for my turn, I felt very weak and empty like someone whom they just ripped off her system.

    I never thought I would ever be a victim of rape. How could such a nice person become a beast? Ryan, He was the first person who was nice to me when I joined the Bank.

    Yes he asked me out once on a date but I turned him down because I was not emotionally attracted to him and I saw him like a big brother. I had no clue that he never got me off his mind. He suggested clubbing and I agreed. It was my first time clubbing and I wanted to go out with someone I trusted. I know you all will question why I did not ask my boyfriend to take me. I had asked him twice but he declined saying clubbing was not for him.

    As I was reminiscing, suddenly I heard a voice of a male officer, shouting madam what is your case abi you don deaf. The woman beside me tapped me that the officer was referring to me. I stood up and walked towards him. In my small tone, I asked him if I could speak to a female police officer but he shouted at me and said please madam do not waste our time. He gave me a paper to write my statement.

    Where do I start my statement from if I cannot remember everything? I remember waking up and feeling pressed, I search for my phone and it occurred to me I left it at home. My wristwatch had this beeping light when you press the button. I used the light to find the toilet. Lying back on the bed trying to doze off I heard the door opened with footstep coming towards me and asked, Ryan is that you? He kept quiet at first, I asked again and he said yes, I heaved a sigh of relief as I closed my eyes foolishly to continue my sleep thinking he wanted to get something from the room. Feeling a hand on my waist, I turned in shock and asked what he was trying to do. He replied and said I want you, did I just hear him right? I said to him in a very subtle tone, Ryan, you are drunk and you do not know what you are saying, please go back to your room and sleep. He held my face with two hands and said I'm not drunk; I know what I am saying. I took his hand off my face and pushed him out of the bed, I guess that provoked the beast in him. As I tried getting out of the bed, he pushed me back in and said I am serious, please do not make me force you. You know I have always loved you. This time I became scared but I was very certain within me that he was not going to have his way. While trying to figure out the direction of the door, I begged with a low tone trying to convince him saying if you claim you love me, you will not force me. Seeing what looked like the door, I tried my luck by forcing myself out from his grip and ran for the door. Unfortunately, it was locked. The bastard locked the door. I asked him to open the door if not I will scream and he said no one will hear you. However, that did not stop me from screaming for help but no one really heard me or came to rescue me.  He slapped me to stop me from screaming and that was how we started fighting.

    I fought hard even though alcohol in my system had not faded out. At that point, he was beating me seriously but I promised myself I will not let him do this to me. Using one hand, I searched for anything close to me to heat him on his head but I found nothing. He placed his hands on my neck and started to choke me, Saying I always imagined your nakedness each time I saw you, so don't be stubborn babe just let me have my way. He was choking the life out of me and in my thoughts, if I continue fighting he will kill me in the process and my dead body may never be found because I told no one where I was going.

    So I gave in. when he was done he fell asleep immediately. Broken as I was, all I wanted was to get out of the building. I searched for the room key and escaped.

    Madam! Madam! You never still write finish. Now it was the police officer calling me. The truth was that I had not written anything and my paper was still blank. I managed to write that I had been raped and narrated where it happened. Seeing my statement the officer asked for his house address, which I did not have or even know how to locate. They asked my relationship with the rapist, I said a colleague, and they said they will come to my office on Monday. Then I realized he had resigned two weeks ago to resume in another job in Abuja because that was part of reason for the celebration that made us go clubbing. I did not have his new job information. I gave the officer his number and he called but the line was switch off. The officer said they would come to my office and investigate. I could not bear the shame that everyone in the office will find out and some will judge me. I was not brave enough to face the humiliation and gossip that will come out of it. I felt helpless and defeated. As a result of that, I withdrew my statement in shame and went home. I tried in my own way to locate Ryan, so I can get him arrested outside the police visiting my office but I did not succeed. Since that day, I have never set my eyes on him.

    I am sharing my story especially with females who claim to have male folk best friends, not all of them are sincere. Never be too comfortable and 100% trusting. Yes, it is true that there are a lot of guys who are discipline and have the fear of God and will never do what Ryan did to me. Nevertheless, as a woman, never let your guard down or put yourself in a vulnerable situation.

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  • Gworthason

    wow this is really sad. never never trust a male friend most of them are demons.

    859 days ago

  • bimbo

    wow this is really sad. never never trust a male friend most of them are demons.

    Not all mean are demons. We should not demonise all men because of the actions of a few.  

    847 days ago

  • Bulani

    I have always wondered if rape was an integral part of pre historic Africa. The rate at which girls are raped these days is alarming. 

    813 days ago

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