The increasing menace of rape in our societies

  • turpe

    Rape has become one of the most talked about vices in our society today and yet some people still find it difficult to speak out when it happens.

    Recently, Elvina Ibru, one of the daughters of Nigeria's foremost industrialist late Olorogun Michael Ibru, openly said that she was raped in her home by an armed robber.

    This assertion kind of awakened my consciousness as to why people still hold back such even when it is not their fault.

    I remember in my university days when a friend of mine was raped by her supposed boyfriend to be. I used the word 'supposed' because in her mind, she had agreed to date this guy in question but was just waiting for the right time to tell him, unknown to her, the rapist had planned out how it was going to go down. He invited her for a night reading and when they were done reading, on their way back to her hostel, he lured her to their love garden area and took advantage of the fact that nobody was there because it was already late and raped her. I don't want to go into details as to why she did not report, though I pushed for it to be reported but because we were still fresh in school and if the matter got escalated which will obviously involve her parents, they would probably roast her alive. As a result of this, she decided to let go of it.

    Until this day, my friend is still finding it hard tell anyone about this encounter. This got her withdrawn from people, depressed and at some point suicidal. I thank God she overcame the challenge.

    Now back to Elvina's, I appreciate her courage and boldness for speaking out. The interesting part of her story is that by virtue of her being an Ibru, People will see that this sort of thing could happen to anyone regardless of their position in the society.

    Rape case is not something to be shy about. I liken it to someone who was robbed at gun point, once you see a gun, you are powerless. People can comfortably talk about how they were robbed but can't be able to say how they were raped even when the police are involved. We all blame this to the society but we forget that a crime that is not reported is a crime that is likely to happen again.  We need an attitudinal change so that when rape occurs, people behind it should be made to face the law of the land and that is the only way we can defeat the menace of rape.

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  • Nana

    These rapists are on the lose and everywhere, God please protect your children.  

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