• Arabella2019

    How do you handle pressure after depression,I got attached to my kids now that they moved to my parents house am.going insane 

    858 days ago

  • admin

    Hi Arabella2019, welcome to VIL.. We hope all your questions will be answered. Enjoy your time here.

    858 days ago

  • mizwhendie

    Dear Poster, I know everything will b alright with you. You can try reaching out to your kids via phone call. Go out more and strive to stay positive always. Sending you lots of love

    858 days ago

  • elna

    @arabella2019, I would like to know the reason why your kids went to be with your mother because if they were your source of joy then, why let them go? 

    A lot of people do not know how to handle divorce, and if you happen to be one of such, I will suggest you go get your kids whereever they may be  since their presence makes a lot of impact on you.

    As a depressed individual, you need good friends and family members who will always be with you and for you .

    You do not need to withdraw from life. Face your fears, engage yourself with any activity that will keep you away from thinking and finally, be strong for your kids because if anything happens to you tomorrow, they may suffer.

    Please be strong, it's a phase and must surely come to an end some day.

    858 days ago

  • Bulani

    It is pertinent to know the reason why you  allowed your kids to go be with your mum. 

    857 days ago

  • Pinnky

    Hi Arabella the fact remains that if you don't wipe your own tears  nobody else will do that for you.So you just have  to be yourself, don't entertain negative thoughts at this time....bit by bit things wil fall into place  and most importantly keep in touch with the kids please.

    857 days ago

  • Gworthason

    Hello Arabella,

    you did not say why your kids were taken to your parents house? However i would advice that you take care of yourself and seek help. Depression is a disease that can only be cured when you seek help. As humans, we put so much pressure on ourselves and when we fail, there is that tendency for depression to set in. You need to Speak with right people that can help you out of your depressed state. You do not want your kids to see you in your wreck state. While you are at it communicate with your kids or visit them if possible. Try not to be hard on yourself and do not allow this situation consume you. Healing is a gradual process and some days will be better than others. But remember everything will be fine with time. Sending you lots of Hugs.

    857 days ago

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