Dear parents, how close are you to your kids?

  • Nana

    This is a clarion call to all parents. A lot of things are going on in our societies and parents should be aware of this.

    A responsible child is a product of good parenting. Do not let career be a barrier between you and your kids.

    Recently, I read in one of the online publications about an 18 year old boy that used his hand to sever his manhood and as a result, died from complications. Before he died, he was heard saying all manner of things that did not make sense to the people around, which seemed to some people he had either done money ritual or something.


    Whether this story is true or false, he is dead and gone. The world is full of evil and when you look at all that is happening, youths are mostly the targets. Having said this, the love of money is turning our youths to something else. They prefer to chase after money than being in their classes. 

    I really do not have much to say but to advise all parents to be vigilant and always know the whereabouts of their kids. 

    Kids need patience, support, advice, love, prayer, in fact, anything that will keep them focused. Remember, a child today will be a parent tomorrow. Support your children the best way you can if you want better tomorrow for them and a better society for all.

    #Positive thing.

    857 days ago

  • eleano

    Our society is dysfunctional period!

    856 days ago

  • mark

    We need a complete re-orientation of the mind.

    853 days ago

  • grace

    Parent-child relationship is a necessity.  Make out time to know your kids that way you will know when they put certain behaviour.

    812 days ago

  • anuweb


    601 days ago