What is the age of consent in your states?

  • eleano

    There seem to be an increasing adult child marriage almost everywhere around the world and this spells doom for a girl child disposition to life if it is not checkmated. This thing should be taken seriously so we can collectively find solution to it.

    I read somewhere that a girl of child of 13 was rape and as a result, her womb was damaged which means she may probably not have children of her own again. In the same vein, a widower 41 year old widower recently got married to a girl of 13 and I ask, is that child of age to have agreed to such a union? Will she be happy in that union? Does she know what is expected of her to do as a wife?

    These are many more questions come to mind whenever I think of girl child marriage.

    I do not mean to provoke or disrespect any culture rather; I wanted to know the rationale behind marrying off a girl child to an adult.

    856 days ago

  • mark

    Age of consent generally starts from 16 in most countries but essentially, 18 is ideal in my view.

    853 days ago

  • anuweb


    601 days ago