Incestuous relationship on the increase

  • Chudi

    What is really happening around the world? Have we lost it as a people or what? I woke up this morning to the news of a young lady who was having an affair with her dad. They even went further to marry each other as the matter was being investigated.

    I do not need to be told anymore that the society has depreciated to this point where our value system means nothing any more to us. If not, how can one describe this kind of incestuous relationship?

    This incident happened in America sometime in September 2018 and since then the case has been in the court until recently when the daughter was spared jail. I commend whoever that brought this to the notice of the authorities and the decisive action they took.

    However, This sort of thing is not just peculiar to outside Africa, we see and hear about this always within our communities and most times, people do not take drastic action against those who commit crimes like this. Incestuous relationship is a taboo no matter what or how you feel about a family member.

    This sacrilegious behaviour may be right in the eyes of those who perpetrate it for whatever reason they engage in it but truth be told, we most learnt to discipline ourselves and avoid any sort of distraction that will warrant having an ungodly and incestuous affair with family members.

    852 days ago

  • Gworthason

    This World is  coming to an end. 

    845 days ago

  • anuweb


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