Does life choose who it punishes?

  • bimbo

    There was so much going on in my life. It got to a point all l wanted was to end it all.

     I had just lost my 2nd pregnancy of two months after having a fall in the bathroom which led to total evacuation. I never knew what it was to lose pregnancy until that fateful day. The pain, trauma etc is better left to be imagined.

    As at the time this was going on, my husband of 3 years and my first daughter were in the hospital. My husband was admitted for fever, weight loss, blood in his urine while our daughter was having constant weakness, shortness of breath, paler skin etc

    After diagnosis, my husband was found to have had cancerous brain tumour while my daughter was diagnosed of leukaemia.


    Honestly, this is something I would never wish anybody. It was really a trying time for me. I could not eat, could not do anything for myself in fact, I could not comprehend why all that was happening to me.

    With all that was happening, I had to take sick from work to at least be able to support my family.  It got to a point where I could not cope with work and looking after my family at the same time so I personally tendered my resignation. At this point we had exhausted all we had. My husband's office supported the way they could, same as my office. Friends and family rallied the best they could; I and some family members tried raising funds for further treatment abroad their treatment as I was told by the doctors. This was the biggest challenge l ever encountered in my life.


    Well, the long and short story is that I lost my lovely husband to cancer before we could raise all that was required for his treatment abroad. It was an experience I never wish to have any more in my life. I am confident my daughter will live because her treatment was successful. Many a time, I have wondered what would have become of me if I had lost them both. My baby is 6yrs old last month and every time I see her, she keeps reminding of my late husband. I am picking up my pieces gradually and with friends and family, I will come out stronger.


    When you see people acting in a certain manner, never you jump to conclusion because you never know what battle they are fighting within. We should learn to respect and if possible support people who are going through a trying moment.

    I thank all the people who were there for me because your presence, advice and encouragement were invaluable and can never be quantified.

    God bless you all.

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