What should be the punishment for serving pastors or general overseers who assault their members?

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    There has been so much buzz about pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo  regarding an allegation of rape levelled against him by Timi Dakolo's wife Busola Dakolo. Biodun Fatoyinbio, is the founding pastor of COZA ministries headquartered in Abuja Nigeria. This is not the first time he has been accused of the same crime though the first time the issue of rape against him came up, the interest it generated was not so much as the mattered fizzled out after awhile.


    In the light of this, a lot of interest groups have called out the pastor, while some are calling for his arrest and prosecution; others are calling for him to step down as a pastor pending the outcome of the investigation, that is, if it will be investigated at all.

     A crime case cannot not be established against the culprit if the parties involved refuse to come forward to the police as the police have said they are incapacitated without victims coming forward to establish a case.


    Having said this and with the overwhelming testimonies from numerous ladies who have in one way or the other have accused Fatoyinbo of the same crime¸ what is the way forward?

    Do we have to sit around and see that nothing is done or do we take the law in our hands and enforce justice? Rape is not synonymous to churches alone but what makes it bad is that it is being committed by those who are meant to be the custodians of the word of God.

    As trivia as some people will make this case look, this is a serious matter not just for the victims but also for the body of Christ. The church is meant to be the body of Christ but a lot of teachers of the bible hid under the church and are committing atrocities left, right and centre in complete flagrant of the doctrine and the teachings of Christ. If this is not addressed now, then who knows who the next victim will be.

    The mistake we make as Christians is that we are too, trusting, relaxed and gullible. Some of us will whole heartedly accept what our pastors will say over what our parents will say to us. We have completely idolised these pastors that they now act as if they own us. One sad phenomenon is that those who have the clout to speak against their evil ways do get attacked by people especially members who are always shouting 'touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm' as if they are the only ones anointed by God

    Religion is good but we must be able to discern what is right from wrong, be able to tell the truth to these pastors when we think they have deviated from the usual, after all, no one is perfect before God. It is imperative also for us to know that it is not all who stand on the pulpit have the type of relationship we think they do with God. That one has the grace to teach the bible does not make him infallible.

    Finally, with the way churches are springing up, one would have thought that our society would have been sanitised and be free of the immoralities but that is not the case. Moral should the watch word for all and sundry. It is built majorly at home and partly society. Therefore, anybody who is of low moral standard cannot expect to fix that when he or she is married. It takes the grace of God for that to change marriage.

    Please study your partner very well to avoid this sort of embarrassment in the future.

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    If you break the law you  pay the price. There should be no safe heaven for no damn good individuals regardless of their status period.

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