African Women and the Pressure to Marry

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    Many single women in their 30s or older are suffering constant pressure to settle down. When will you settle down and find a husband and have children? This is a question that many single women regularly face.


    Sometimes, when a lady in her 30s settles down with an older man, she is socially criticised for marrying a man considered too old for her. 

    After getting married, they are further victimised for taking too long to have kids.


    Women do everything possible in order not to find themselves in the society's wrong books because of their marriage choices.


    This intense pressure for African women to be perfect has led so many into depression and self harm.


    Can we ever satisfy our society? Can the society ever accept us the way we are (married/unmarried/Childless)? Etc.


    We are your sisters, mothers, friends, colleagues and neighbours.  If you keep tearing us down in all manners then our society will be saturated with broken women.


    Give us a chance to live.



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  • Ama

    Hello dear,  marriage is divine and no one should be pressured into it. Most times, we tend to allow the society take the better part of us forgetting that as individuals, we have our lives to live. I have learnt to live me for and not for the society.   

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