What is this Fuss about big brother Nigeria?

  • Ama

    It is no more secret that most young people are now leaning towards entertainment. This is the reality we find ourselves. All over the world, organisations, entertainers, media houses etc are all looking for that one thing that they will use to mesmerise their audience hence, a television reality show called big brother.

    Big brother was originally a Dutch Television series which started in 1997 in Netherlands and has been adopted by many countries including Nigeria. The show is meant to be entertaining but from all indications, it seems quite morally deficient as suppose to what I believe it was meant to be which is a competition. The energy young people put into making it to the show if channelled into education, geniuses will be made every day. Organisations that sponsor these shows are complicit of the negativity people perceive it to be. There is so much up on our sleeves and these organisations are doling out millions in sponsoring shows that add no meaning to an ordinary person on the streets as far as I am concerned.

    In all of these reality shows, you can hardly see or hear that big organisations sponsor any show pertaining to education and when they do, the price money is never encouraging. Now tell me, how do we achieve a society that is fair and just to all? How do we encourage our youths to study? How do we demonstrate to them that education is the key to success when people with no or low educational background are being celebrated and worshipped as stars? A system that encourages immorality directly or indirectly will surely pay for it in one way or the other. No wonder there have been series of killings, kidnappings, banditry, rape etc of recent in Nigeria. All these pointers are products of a collapsed system and also a product of people wanting to get to the top without going through a functional system. When you look at all that is happening right now, you will agree with me that the system is completely broken and people are no more ashamed of it any more especially the so called leaders .

    It is high time we started looking for ways to fix our system and society. Funds allocation to educational system is not the only solution we need. We should be proactive; we should not let institutions collapse before we start looking for ways to fix them. Culture of maintenance should be adopted and encouraged. Developed countries all over the world plan ahead and ensure a system is sustained through every possible channel.

    Most importantly, private partnership should be encouraged because the wealth of most nations is mostly in the private sector. Therefore, they should take up more challenging roles by participating more in life changing programmes by creating vocational centres, organising shows that will bring geniuses out, supporting our financial institutions financially and otherwise and last but not the least mentoring youths on self development.

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