Arranged marriage

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    Let us not pretend that arranged marriage isn't still practised in our society today especially in Africa. Gone are the days when families betroth their daughters to other families just for their selfish reasons or perhaps, to create bond and foster business relationships. 

    Some of us grew up in this kind of setting and know exactly how heart breaking it can be for the young couple especially where there is no love lost between the actors to cohabit

    Unfortunately, this practice is still ongoing in some places and people and the media are not giving it the coverage required in other to conscientise the public on the dangers of it

    In the United Kingdom as well as other developed countries, it is a jailable offence.


    Arranged marriage should be outlawed because it contributes to some of the ills we see in the society today. Most of these young couples in arranged marriages will end up becoming school drop outs as a result of early pregnancy. Apart from early pregnancy, the risk associated with early teenage pregnancy is quite high.

    Concerted efforts should be made to combat this menace and give our children an enabling environment to choose the path they want to follow in life.

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  • Ama

    It is very unfortunate that people still practice this archaic tradition. Love should be greed upon by both parties and not to be foisted on people. Parents who still intend to follow in this direction should first think about the happiness of the people involved. Without happiness, marriage is only a disaster waiting to happen.

    827 days ago

  • iris

    This tradition is perhaps being practiced in certain areas. Though awareness is high now and nobody wants to fall victim anymore. Victims are beginning to find their voices.

    kudos to platforms like Voice it aloud. Great job guys

    827 days ago

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    Thanks iris, we appreciate you.

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