Has morality eluded us?

  • admin

    Morality is something of pride especially when you know that the behaviour you're exhibiting is sanctioned by the society. Our society is now burdened with so much madness and somehow, we seem to have lost it by relaxing and inadvertently normalising some of the behaviours that are alien to us


    In essence, what are those moral principles you grew up with that aren't there anymore that you wish were still there?

    826 days ago

  • iris

    Some of the things we hear today like kidnapping, ethnic cleansing,  ritualists, etc weren't there the time we were growing up. Though you may hear a thing or two back then but not the way it is presently. I wish we could go back to those days when women are very conscious of their body not being exposed, when men fear God and not man, when snatching of a husband was a taboo, when father and daughter are father and daughter and not father and lover, when siblings are siblings and not lovers, when men marry women and not their fellow men, when morals are taught and shown on Tv and not immorality being displayed in form of a reality show etc, I can go on and on.

    I just wish our society could go back to the 70s or imbibe those moral values  of 70s. A tall wish you may say.....lool.

    826 days ago

  • mizwhendie

    I wish the days when children had respect for their elders are returned.

    Westernization has given room for pple to treat children with kids gloves, sparing the rod and treating certain issues with levity.

    These kids however grow up to be morally bankrupt and it keeps cascading.

    819 days ago