Where has the love for humanity gone?

  • Lammy

    Everyone wants to love and be loved. We expect so much love from people but how much of that love do we give back go others? Whenever the word love comes up, we always assume it's only about affection for one another. In reality, it goes beyond that. As Christians, we were thought to love, we were meant to love (agape love) regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves.


    Today, it seems the love for humanity has waned to the point that animals are better treated than humans. If this is not so, then, how do one explain the incessant killings happening around the world? People kill, maim, slaughter on flimsy and mynute issues. I have a video I would have posted here but due to the goriness of it, I would not be posting it.


    Just few days ago, a lady was seen flogging a little boy and after flogging him, she locked him up in a smelly cage meant for dogs. These kinds of stories and many more are the stories I hear and I ask why? What has happened to love for humanity? Who brought this wickedness unto us? Indeed, the world is evil and these times are perilous.

    A little love (genuine love) for humanity can change the narrative. Please lend a helping hand and not a killing hand and the world possibly will be a better place for us all to live in again.

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