Would you marry for love, procreation or to fulfil all righteousness?

  • Alisi

    Everyone wants to have a good marriage but not everyone knows what it takes to be married or exactly what they want out of it. Many a time, people complain of how badly they are being treated in marriage and most times wished they were with a more loving and caring partner. Therefore, It is important we define what we want and how we want a relationship to be before we get into it. Like I have always said, good marriage is a product of hard work.  

    Suffice it to say that marriage means different things to different people, some see it from the societal point of view where a woman must leave her parents and marry a man just to fulfil all righteousness, some also marry as a result of peer pressure, while some see it as an opportunity to be with a man and enjoy endless intercourse without barriers, others see it just for the purpose of procreation and finally, many others see it as all of the above. All of these are valid points but I must say that whatever reason you are going into marriage, let it be purposeful.

    I once loved a man who was so good to me, in fact, I would call him a dream man but he had a very bad temperament. He was the first guy that took me to my first ever international trip to Dubai. We dated for two years but had to leave him because of his temper. He spoke to me in a condescending way due to the manner in which I hugged a male friend we ran into. We got home and I tried to explain to him in a manner he will understand but he wouldn’t have any of that. To cut the story short, he laid his hands on me which led to me losing my tooth. There and then, I made up my mind and eventually broke up with him. I thank God it happened the time it happened because our relationship was already up there. Today he is married and I learnt he does that to the current wife sometimes, though, I cannot confirm this because I shut him completely out of my life. My belief is this, if a man beats you once, he will do it again to you or to the next person he meets if he does not truly change.

    That being said, it is pertinent to know exactly what you want in a marriage and also be able to establish that your partner shares the same sentiment, with this, you two will always be on the same page

    A well defined marriage most times brings about positive ending. Please be guided. 

    807 days ago

  • Ama

    Marriage encompasses all of the aforementioned.  For me, knowing your partner well is a step in the right direction because, knowing him well creates a strong bond between you two  which can impact in your relationship positively.  If you both are able to understand each other well, then half of the job is done. When you married a friend, you will enjoy marriage. I am not saying that, that  friend you married is not prone to mistake, what i'm saying is that when he or she makes mistakes, you can easily forgive and move on.

    807 days ago

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