Opinion: The increasing indecent contents on linda Ikeji's blog worrisome

  • elna

    I was reading through the comment section of Linda Ikeji and I found this very interesting comment.

    In that particular comment, the pseudonym (Amy) behind it wrote and I quote   "Dear Linda, are you still in charge of this your blog, or is someone doing the job for you. Do you realize that at least 80% of people logging in to your blog are young adults? What is the essence of this, why are you promoting mind pollution". These and many more comments were there but the aforementioned was the one I found very gripping.


    The above comment was made as a result of a post on Linda Ikeji’s blog where she posted pictures of Toyin Lawani, where she (Toyin) got stripped for a photo shoot. Ordinarily, I would not comment on such but this was one post too many. Toyin Lawani, a serial entrepreneur as she claims recently started putting up some provocative pictures of herself on social media and to me, this makes no sense of a mother of one or two who should know better. People may want to criticise my write-up but before you do, ask yourself the motive behind such posts. Not only that she posts provocative images of herself, her actions and style of expression are always suggestive and these honestly, have some sort of effect on our younger ones. If you chose to be a role model, why don't you do it in a positive way and by so doing, your name will be forever written in the annals of history?


    In addition, for linda Ikeji, who is a mother and who will one day hope to see her son become responsible in the society. Now tell me, if these are the kind of contents she makes all in a bid to generate traffic without considering the fact that many kids visits her blog and perhaps will deduce a thing or two that will be detrimental to their social and behavioural well-being, how would she then feel when her son becomes of age and strays from that which she hopes to instil in him?


    Linda is an advocate for women empowerment and this is a legacy she hopes to be remembered for. As much as I love and pray for her, I would really love her to always create legacies that will add positive meaning to the lives of our youths who are looking up to her.

    She has found fame and fortune and to me, this is the time to use her platform in promoting decency, morality and decorum rather than putting out contents that are not so palatable to the people especially the youths. She may be intentionally putting out these irritating contents because she believes those are the kinds of contents her visitors like to see but I want to state categorical that, whatever content Linda Ikeji puts up on her platform regardless of how unattractive it may be, she will always generate traffic and this she must be aware of in case she is scared that she might see a drop in traffic. 


    I couldn't agree less with Amy because her reaction obviously shows how disgusted she was seeing such content on Linda’s blog.

    At this juncture, I would like to appeal to Linda to please consider the fact that younger people who may not know how to control their actions and emotions visit her blog. 

    Remember, young people always want to try out things they see, hear and watch even when they are aware of the implications (youthful exuberance). This they do because they want to have a feel of everything and if this enthusiasm of theirs is not checkmated, it becomes a habit that could ruin them.


    Please ma'am, consider your younger readers when next you want to make that provocative post.


    God bless you


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