Who suffers the most in a relationship where there is a cheating partner?

  • elna

    The increasing trend of cheating is becoming too alarming. In the past, cheating was seen by many as a taboo but what we are witnessing these days is different from that of the past.

    In all honesty and from the little research I have conducted, people cheat left, right and centre and in most cases, they try to justify this act by making flimsy excuses.


    I have had a situation where a son was his father’s pimp and this went on for a long time that his mother was kept in the dark. If a father could use his son as a courier for girls and he sees nothing wrong in that, then, when that child misbehaves, who will be there to put him to order because the father who was meant to protect him has failed to live up to his responsibility as a father.

    This boy in his action, may not know what he was doing but believe you me, if by whatever reason both parents decide to go their separate which most times may be caused by infidelity, that boy will in one way or the other will be affected by their separation.


    People have become so unruly, more daring, unreasonably insensitive and carefree. If our generation is acting this way, what will the generation after us be like? 

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