Supposed introduction of new bb9ja, A welcome development

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    As we have always emphasised, morality is not inherent but taught. We were one of the platforms that condemned big brother Nigeria For its lack of moral substance and the possible negative impact it may have on our youths.
    From the report we gathered, the federal government of Nigeria has come out to criticise the show for the immoral activities displayed on the show.

    A particular set of individuals had thrown caution in the wind and had embarked on sex spree in the house.  This got the attention of the federal government who are now planning to introduce a counter show were our rich culture and food will be exhibited. 

    This is a welcome development on their part but we would like to add that the show could be made more interesting if the government could make it more engaging by introducing some intellectual activities that will benefit not just the house mates but also the viewers intellectually.

    Kudos to the federal government for this initiative and I hope they actually live up to it and have it sustained over time.

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